jooZt Mattheij

jooZt Mattheij (1970) has a creative job in media professionally and is one of the people behind He appointed himself de facto editor, not because of ego, but because he realized the site needed one and someone had to do it, so he stepped up.

He has been a Prince enthusiast since 1986 when he got to see the Parade show in Rotterdam, by chance. Then over the years got sucked into the Prince-realm deeper, working for Uptown magazine and with Per Nilsen on their book TheVault in 2004, leading up to passionately cataloging Prince’s work as detailed as possible on It has become the go-to website over the years, where even The Estate is known to consult for quick accurate information. It’s quite a responsibility, but someone like Prince deserves his legacy to be preserved and I am happy to do my share.”

Peer-reviewing books, papers and other publications by Prince-scholars like Duane Tudahl, Edgar Kruize, and De Angela L. Duff is his favorite pastime.